Leap Year: Chapter 2, The Promise

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“Conception unto itself is a curious thing. We make an agreement or contract with both a female and male to contribute genomes equally to create our genetic coding and eventual life structure. The conversation starts with something like a cover letter [from] Your Hopeful and Possible Future Child … The letter and résumé are then circulated within your soul group … All three parties agree, and conception is allowed, permitted, and most of all embraced … I am framing this in a very broad and sweeping way to assert and lay the foundation for the concept that conception and birth is no accident. Every human life—man, woman, and child—is indeed planned in great detail … [And] suffering is intended as part of the life you live in order to experience the great love, joy, and enlightenment that await. Of course, this is all dependent on whether you allow yourself to make it there.”

-Sophocles: Mending a Broken Heart, Chapter 2, The Promise
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Covenant, Résumé, Contract

Your résumé has been accepted, and indeed, what a commitment we make to ourselves by taking on the life of a human being. It is a life of joy and suffering, but there is a covenant, a promise made with space, time, and the earth herself.

This past weekend, time gave us an extra day.

Yes, February 29th, is an extra day. It is funny to think about it because I had to clarify what a day is before I could even consider what an extra one might look like. The science of a day is based in the sun rising, setting, and rising again. Over the course of ages, several cultures figured out it was roughly 24 hours and based calendar systems on this timing. There are previous blogs done around these calendar systems (see my April Fool’s Day post). Ultimately science concluded that every 4 years we need an extra day, just to make the seasons work.

In this age of greed and gluttony, do I want an extra day? I felt the reoccurring daily argument coming on while in line at the local coffeehouse…Do I really want the chocolate donut/brownie/cookie? If there was no glass between us I would have already eaten it. Just because it’s offered, do I need to accept it?

On some level, I began to feel that if indeed I worked hard enough, a bonus day on my contract would appear…“Over the last 4 years, your efforts have proven to be more than satisfactory. We, therefore, are granting you more time to accomplish the things you need to finish.” But what am I needing time to finish? What is my purpose, vocation, and what am I to do with that extra time, if indeed earned? I have been granted a body, learning, support, love, what am I to be giving back?

I often like to remind myself and my clients that we are human beings, not human doings…And it is in the being that we find purpose.

What is your purpose? What contributions are you making in the time given us? What contributions are you wanting to make? What do you do with an extra day?


Sophocles: Mending a Broken Heart

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