Lunar Walks

In the still of the midnight moon
Replenishing in the lunar light

Recently on a podcast one of the most famous basketball players on the planet, Stephen Curry, questioned the reality of whether or not humans have walked on the moon. 

Social media ate this up and targeted the statements along the guise of foolishness in an effort to boost their own online presence, and now I am doing the same. There were several others who chimed in supporting Curry’s statements, and highlighted even some religious ideals about how Hollywood created the whole video of the lunar walk from 1969.

However, in differentiation, the best moonwalk I ever witnessed was Michael Jackson’s:

I find myself enthralled with Michael’s moonwalk as opposed to any other. For all the challenges Michael faced and endured in his life, his existence metaphorically channeled the lunar qualities of life. Michael epitomized the creative outlet of digging deep into himself, creating dance, music, harmony, and love. His work was not egoically caught up on whether or how it existed – like the original lunar landings – but whether or not you enjoyed it.

Lunar light is that of nurturing. The moon is what watches over us at night, and has always provided a symbol of nurturing as it cradles us to sleep. It is in this stillness of the night when we recharge, replenish, and deepen into the creative world of dreams and imagination.

There is a full moon this year as we usher in the solstice. The solstice represents winter, the season of replenishment and hibernation. How do you plan on celebrating?

What are your dreams about? Where do you find stillness? What is your creative outlet? How do you nourish yourself? What is your moon walk?

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  1. XSDL says:

    Some genuinely nice stuff on this site, I love it.


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